Flame, Arc, Plasma and Laser Applications

Get Your Coated Surface Right - with LINSPRAY Thermal Spraying Solutions
Here at Linde, we combine the latest thermal spraying techniques with in-depth process know-how to offer you customized gas mixtures and supply concepts for better hot spraying outcomes
Increasing Productivity whilst Maintaining or Improving the Quality of Finished Parts

Our LINSPRAY® offering was developed specifically to help you achieve your thermal spraying goals by combining the right coating solution with the right gas supply concept. To stay at the cutting edge of high-temperature spraying developments, we work closely with national and international research institutes. Even more importantly, we work closely with you - our customers - so you can benefit from our global research capabilities.  At our lab, we focus on customizing our supply concepts and gas mixtures to support individual application needs. In addition, we team up with hardware and consumable manufacturers to synergize our expertise and dovetail all steps in the production chain.

Gas Purities and Supply Systems Tailored to Process Needs

Whether you're using flame spraying with wire, rod, powder or plastics, laser spraying (also known as laser cladding), high-velocity oxyfuel spraying (HVOF) or plasma spraying, the gas supply and purity needs vary significantly from one process to another. Particularly as these processes grow in popularity across multiple industries - including aerospace, automotive, aviation, chemicals, domestic appliances, energy, mechanical engineering, medical, paper and printing - more and more manufacturers are keen to exploit the potential quality and efficiency gains of customized gas supply solutions. Reaching beyond gases and mixes of the highest purities, our LINSPRAY offering includes premium gas fittings and installations with purging capabilities to avoid contamination during operation and remove impurities from your pipeline every time a cylinder or bundle is replaced.

Getting the Most out of Plasma Spraying

In plasma spraying, for instance, gas purity and a suitable gas supply system is one of the key factors impacting the gun lifetime. Our experts would be delighted to advise you on the supply installation and gases or mixes best suited to your plasma process flow - whether that be argon, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen or mixtures of these gases. With LINSPRAY, you can look forward to optimized surface conditions, very high bond strengths, oxide-free coatings and no material changes in coated substrates as a result of thermal influences.

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