Oxygen Enrichment for Chemicals

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Explore how you can improve the performance of various chemical processes with O2e technologies complete with flow control skid, mixing technology and safety review from Linde
Enriching Process Air in Chemical Reactions

Oxidation reactions are not just used in Claus plants and fluid catalytic crackers (FCCs) to intensify the process. They are at the heart of countless other chemical processes producing both chemical building blocks and final products. In most oxidation processes, molecular oxygen is the oxidizing agent of choice.

The oxygen is usually supplied in the highly diluted form of process air. Approximately 79 percent of air (by volume) is inert and so its oxidation potential is limited. The extra inert “ballast” also has to be routed through the different process steps, which usually requires a significant amount of energy and impacts heat recovery.

Our experience shows that oxygen enrichment of air at levels of up to 28 vol% can be safely implemented with minimal equipment changes and operational impact. 

Typical Use Cases and Safe Deployment

O2e has the potential to intensify oxidation processes used in the manufacture of mass products as well as fine and specialty chemicals. It is often also ideal for oxidation processes typically used in the production of base chemicals such as terephthalic acid, ethylene dichloride, cyclohexanone and acrylonitrile. Depending on individual requirements, the industrial oxygen can replace part of the process air feed or it can be added to the existing supply.

Our experts are on hand to conduct a thorough process safety review before you convert to O2e and to help you put the appropriate measures in place to safely manage the increased process temperatures caused by the addition of pure oxygen. For ease of deployment, we will also supply the oxygen flow control skid and mixing technology- for the safe, reliable addition of oxygen to a variety of systems.

Benefits of O2e at a Glance:
  • Reduced need to invest in new plant equipment to overcome bottlenecks
  • Reduced operating costs, in particular energy costs for compression and waste gas treatment
  • Increased productivity due to higher yields and throughput
  • Better balance for trade with CO2 certificates

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