Supply Modes: Pipelines

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Supporting countless industries with extremely high volume requirements through our expansive pipeline supply network
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At the Heart of the Modern Industrial Complex

Gases such as oxygen and nitrogen are used in extremely high volumes across countless industries. Petrochemical and steelmaking operations consume thousands of tons of oxygen every day, for instance. Inert nitrogen is used in the chemical industry and as a liquefied gas for food freezing. Hydrogen is used by refineries to desulfurize fossil fuels and comply with legislative regulations. And the chemical industry relies on carbon monoxide as a feedstock. To name just a few …

Pipelines or pipeline networks are often the most suitable way to deliver these ultra-high streams of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide or syngas. For this, a gas production plant must be constructed next to or near a customer site or industrial complex.

Building on our long-standing experience in the engineering and construction of air separation plants and hydrogen/carbon monoxide (HyCO) plants, we offer standard and customized builds, scaling across a wide variety of sizes and gas purities to meet the needs of individual industries or industry clusters.

As this mode of supply requires extensive individual consultancy, our specialists liaise closely with our customers and provide direct support in most key regions of the world.

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