Hot Oxygen Technology (HOT)

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Extending the Reach of Renewable Liquid Fuels

An important pathway for the production of renewable liquid fuels is the gasification of carbon-containing solids such as biomass or municipal solid waste. Many of the gasification processes and reforming processes in use today require oxygen. 

The gasification process converts carbon-containing solids into a synthesis gas (syngas) consisting mainly of a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Syngas is then catalytically or biologically converted into liquid fuels. It is important to note that syngas produced from the gasifier may contain a fraction of hydrocarbons and tars. Oxygen applications help convert this fraction to ensure that fuel yields are maintained and that there are fewer technical or economic challenges downstream for syngas cooling and clean-up.

Hot Oxygen Technology for Syngas Production and Reforming

Our hot oxygen technology (HOT) is designed to enhance syngas production from natural gas and to increase syngas yield from lower-temperature gasifiers by converting residual tars and hydrocarbons present in the raw syngas product. HOT utilizes a high-momentum jet of hot oxygen (>3,600oF) to rapidly and efficiently entrain feed gas so that it may be partially oxidized to a syngas. The combination of high-temperature heat and a high oxygen concentration allows the HOT-based process to provide high-quality syngas that is predominantly hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The yield of this syngas is much higher than that achieved using ambient-temperature oxygen. HOT has been shown to work well with a diverse range of feedstocks and has the added advantages of not requiring steam or a catalyst to achieve high syngas yields.

HOT can form the core of a small syngas production plant where the feedstock is natural gas. Our HOT technology can also be used as a secondary syngas reformer to improve the yield and quality of syngas produced via gasification.

Oxygen Supply

Here at Linde, we have been designing, engineering, building and operating oxygen plants in diverse markets and geographies for over a hundred years. We offer a full portfolio spanning all plant sizes and technologies ranging from a few tons per day to thousands of tons per day. Our technologies cover both cryogenic air separation units (ASU) and non-cryogenic vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) units.

The oxygen generated at the plants we have built supports the production of power, clean fuels and chemicals worldwide. Our plants also meet gasification and reforming needs based on input materials such as natural gas, coal, heavy oils, petroleum coke, carbon-rich biomass and biogas. No matter where you’re located, or what you envision, we can provide you with a reliable and competitively priced oxygen supply for your gasification and reforming needs.

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