CO2 Supply Solutions for GAIM Inerting 

PLASTINUM Injection Molding Inerting
Inerting cavities to help increase quality and productivity - with dedicated inerting solutions from Linde
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Avoiding Oxide Contamination

PLASTINUM® Injection Molding Inerting is an innovative method to help enhance the quality and productivity of injection molding processes in general and gas-assisted injection molding (GAIM) in particular.

It does this by purging cavities with an inert gas prior to polymer injection. In the gas-assisted injection molding (GAIM) process, this suppresses the formation of undesirable oxides, which lead to injector clogging, high scrap rates and lengthy downtime in the case of certain polymers (e.g. PC, ABS and PA).

PLASTINUM Injection Molding Inerting thus contributes to your process stability by reducing downtime as a result of contamination caused by oxidation.

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  • Less clogging of gas injectors
  • Less downtime
  • Enhanced quality and productivity
  • Less maintenance effort


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