Rapid Freezing Power of Cryogenic Gases

Freezing Plant-based Foods and Meat Alternatives
From bean to burger, our CRYOLINE® freezers are an effective way to preserve the texture, shape, color and flavor of plant-based alternatives to meat, chicken and fish

With spiraling demand for new foods, many manufacturers are looking for ways to increase productivity and flexibility so they can reach new markets - without heavy up-front capital investment costs. Our CRYOLINE freezers can help you meet these challenges.

The temperature profile of multi-component vegan and vegetarian blended foods can vary depending on the individual ingredients. Drawing on our vast expertise and long-standing relationships with customers in the food industry, we can help you establish how new multi-ingredient plant-based mixes will behave when frozen and help you select the cryogenic freezing technologies and models best suited to your individual products.

Cryogenically frozen plant-based meat alternatives such as burger patties, balls, nuggets and minced meat generally have a more desirable appearance, better moisture and color retention, improved flavor, and a more stable form.

Our CRYOLINE family gives you a wide range of models to support just about all processing, throughput and footprint requirements. Our freezers use either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) gas as the cryogen. CRYOLINE freezers are also successfully deployed to lower temperatures for downstream processing, enabling you, for example, to add protective coatings and glazes.

CRYOLINE also combines with other equipment and scales with ease to increase your operational agility - a key bonus in a market space that is transforming and growing so rapidly.

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