Gas Supply Solutions for Plastics Foaming

PLASTINUM Polyurethane Foaming with CO2
Helping you to optimize polyurethane foaming results with liquid carbon dioxide supplied at the right flow rate and pressure - with gas supply technologies from Linde
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Consistently High Accuracy

Our PLASTINUM® Polyurethane Foaming solution is tailored to PUR foaming processes that require consistently high quality standards. Our specially designed supply pumps are engineered to deliver liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) at the flow rate and pressure required to supply metering pumps for continuous slabstock lines producing low-density foams for mattresses, for instance. Particularly for dynamic discontinuous processes, we offer dedicated LIC metering systems that will meet exceptionally high accuracy standards.

End-to-End Offering

Our PLASTINUM Polyurethane Foaming solution for slabstock customers comprises a tailored LIC storage and supply system, which generally consists of a bulk tank, a dedicated pump system and a cooling system. Our PRESUS® C system acts as a feed pump for the downstream metering pump, increasing the LIC pressure and delivering the required volume of LIC in a virtually bubble-free state.

Our DSD 500 metering unit is the solution of choice if you are looking for a highly dynamic and precise CO2 metering system for discontinuous processes.

Graphic of DSD 500 inert gas meter device in a process chain with a low pressure vessle, compressor and extruder
  • Your single-source, end-to-end gas supply solution for polyurethane foaming
  • Supply of CO2 in liquid form with virtually no bubbles
  • Continuous, consistent supply at stable pressure (adjustable)
  • Wide range of CO2 flow rates, dedicated to the needs of slabstock customers
  • Compact design, easy and cost-effective installation

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