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Experienced Supplier of Equipment for Food Processing, Surface Finishing, Welding, Safety and More
Here at Linde, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your investment in industrial and process gases by offering complementary equipment designed to make your daily life easier, enhance your productivity and keep your people and products safe.

Our exceptionally diverse and deep portfolio builds on the hands-on experience our application experts have gathered over the years, the insights we have gained at our test and innovation centers, and our close collaboration with customers. Spanning everything from personal protective equipment for welders through food chilling and freezing technologies to advanced process solutions for emerging gas-enabled manufacturing applications, our offering has the right fit for your specific needs.
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Food Chilling

Accelerate cooling times and overcome capacity bottlenecks with our wide range of ACCU-CHILL™ in-line chilling innovations using liquid N2 or CO2 

Food Freezing

Discover how our CRYOLINE™ freezers lock in nutrients and reduce dehydration to maintain the quality and extend the shelf life of your frozen foods

Process Solutions

See how we synergize our vast experience in gas processing with a solid understanding of industry-specific challenges to bring you a vast array of process solutions
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Safety Products

Read how our proactive safety culture is propelling us towards our Zero Today goal and helping to keep operators safe with robust, proven PPE and supplies
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Surface Finishing

Explore how our various gas-enabled innovations can help you achieve the surface finish you need to differentiate your products
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Welding Solutions

Explore a broad portfolio of market-leading solutions spanning gas equipment such as regulators and flashback arrestors, welding consumables, arc equipment, PPE and more
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Discover how the right equipment and process solutions can positively impact your operational efficiency
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