Fumigation and Inerting Gases for Storage

Preserving Quality Through the Safe Storage and Handling of Dry Foods & Snacks
Protect your post-harvest produce and the dry goods moving through your bakery or processing plant - without introducing any unnatural ingredients or leaving any residue
Protecting Your Investment in Dry Goods and Snacks

Storing dehydrated foodstuffs, snacks and dry ingredients such as flour and powdered or ground foods in an inert atmosphere is an extremely effective way to avoid pest and insect infestations. The inert gases carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) are natural products with a proven track record in preventing infestation. If your processing plant has already been infested by insects, we also have a special range of fumigants engineered to deal with that problem. Our closed-loop temperature control system for dry goods and snacks is another highly effective pest and fumigation control tool for storage silos. It blankets storage containers with a high concentration of CO2 with the dual function of cooling and inerting.

Eco-friendly Pest Control

It goes without saying that the best way to avoid pests in the first place is by fumigating during and after harvesting. VAPORMATE® is our eco-friendly, safe, non-residual fumigant. The active ingredient of VAPORMATE is ethyl formate - an agent that simply degrades to a naturally occurring substance. You can use it to protect your post-harvest produce, packaged and stored foods and processing equipment. It has already been approved for a long - and growing - list of fruits, vegetables and grains in many regions.

Benefits of VAPORMATE at a Glance

  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Fast-acting for greater productivity
  • Easy to dose and apply
  • Effective against a wide range of insects on fruit, vegetables and grains
  • Extensive consulting, installation, safety training and support services

Please note that all fumigants are subject to local regulatory approval. Hence availability may vary from one region to another. Please contact your local Linde representative for details on availability in your region.

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