Benefits of Oxygen for Farmed Fish

Oxygenation in Aquaculture
Monitoring, supplementing and distributing oxygen can improve welfare conditions for farmed fish while also giving you the benefit of greater stocking density and productivity
Unlocking the Potential of Aquaculture

Based on complex onshore and offshore fish farming systems, aquaculture is increasingly emerging as the production method of choice to meet growing global demand for fish. Yet the industry faces a number of challenges in supplying a healthy aquatic environment for best results.

Supplementary oxygenation is one of the most effective ways of solving these challenges. It can help increase a fish farm’s stocking density, enhance fish health while also controlling or eliminating the spread of disease, and boost productivity in general.

A well-balanced oxygen saturation level can:

  • Improve the feed conversion ratio (FCR) for feed cost savings (lowering the FCR from 1.5 to 1.0 can create production cost savings of up to 20%)
  • Raise specific growth rates (SGR) for increased profitability
  • Increase fish growth rates even at higher stocking densities
  • Improve fish health and reduce mortality

Over the years, we have developed a number of pioneering oxygenation technologies suited to all aquaculture concepts from flow-through and recirculation systems to sea cages; to all fresh and sea water plants; and to all farmed fish species. We even have oxygenation solutions for the transportation of fish. Our tailored SOLVOX® oxygenation solutions and complementary services are geared not just towards optimizing oxygen concentrations for improved animal health, they also distribute the oxygenated water more effectively to the fish and regulate oxygen dosage for smooth and reliable operation.

Application Expertise and World-leading Research Activities

Our international network of fish-farming experts channels the insights we have gained over the years through close collaboration with our customers into our state-of-the-art research program. Our Innovation Centre for Aquaculture and Water Treatment is located in Ålesund, Norway. It is a pioneering R&D facility showcasing our SOLVOX oxygenation and our water treatment process technologies along with the enabling gas supply systems. These test and demo facilities cover fresh, sea and brackish water installations so you can simulate your production environment. Ålesund also advances our research into sustainable aquaculture by supporting the development and evolution of cutting-edge oxygenation technologies that are as energy-efficient as possible.

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