Gases and Application Technologies for Aluminum

Increasing Productivity and Efficiency Across the Entire Aluminum Value Chain

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Innovating the Aluminum Process Flow to Add Value to Our Customers’ Operations

Our expertise in aluminum melting and processing extends far beyond merely providing industrial gases. At every step in the value chain - from melting and dross handling to refining, rolling, reheating, extrusion and annealing - we apply our unmatched technical competence and process know-how to create added value for our customers and accelerate return on investment.

Complementing our gases portfolio, we have developed proprietary oxygen-injection techniques, oxy-fuel combustion systems and aluminum melting burners with the potential to enhance the productivity and efficiency of aluminum melting furnaces. Oxygen injection increases the heat available in the furnace for melting by reducing the heat loss due to hot nitrogen in the flue gas. Oxyfuel combustion for secondary aluminum melting provides many benefits compared to conventional air/fuel combustion. These include higher flame temperatures, flue gas reductions and fuel savings. We also offer a range of heat treatment solutions.

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