Industrial Gas Supply, Technology & Equipment for Metal Production

Strengthening Your Metal Production Processes
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Individualized Solutions for Greater Efficiency and Productivity
As a trusted, proven supplier of gases and application technologies to the metal production industry, we are proud to support hundreds of steel and non-ferrous mills worldwide with products that help skyscrapers soar, trains run and ships sail. Our industrial gases are used extensively in metal production to lower cost, improve energy efficiency, deliver environmental benefits and improve productivity.
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Reduce emissions in steelmaking while also enhancing productivity, efficiency and quality - with gases and combustion/injection innovations from Linde
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Discover how our gases and application technologies are increasing efficiency across the entire aluminum value chain - from melting to finishing
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Read how we are helping copper manufacturers meet rising pressure to recycle, lower carbon emissions and improve environmental performance
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Elevate the efficiency of your mining operations with our advanced gas solutions for pyro-metallurgical and hydro-metallurgical operations
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Broad Application & Service Spectrum

For many decades now, we have been reliably providing the ferrous metal industry with gases such as oxygen (O2), argon (Ar), nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H2). These gases support the manufacture of cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel.

If you work with metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloys or copper in the non-ferrous sector, we also supply O2, N2 and H2 - supporting everything from primary production to finishing operations.

Complementing our gases, we offer a wide range of services that include the design, build, start-up and support of application equipment. And we provide everything from cylinders to on-site systems to integrated mills, mini mills, foundries and non-ferrous mills to enhance the efficiency of combustion processes. When you get all of your solutions from one trusted industrial gas supplier, you have the time and the freedom to focus on your core business.

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