Atmosphere Measurement & Control Solution for PBF-LB

Accurate Atmosphere Control with ADDvance O2 precision
First-of-a-kind oxygen measuring technology with the ability to improve additive manufacturing outcomes by sensing and controlling oxygen and humidity in the laser-based powder bed print chamber
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Getting Gas Purity and Composition Right

High-end 3D printing processes in additive manufacturing (AM) rely on the perfect gas purity and composition to create products with material properties that meet precise specifications. To help manufacturers achieve this, we developed the groundbreaking ADDvance® O2 precision solution. It gives metal additive manufacturers revolutionary precision in the analysis and control of the level of oxygen (O2) and humidity within the laser-based powder bed print chamber.

Common Quality Challenges in AM

The AM PBF-LB process operates within a closed chamber filled with high-purity inert gases such as argon (Ar) and nitrogen (N2). However, impurities due to incomplete purging, small machine leakages and gases released by the metal powder can have an influence on the oxygen level. A variation in oxygen content in the chamber can result in differences in the mechanical properties or chemical composition of the end product - for example a decrease in fatigue resistance.

Precision Control Over Oxygen Levels in AM Gas Chambers

ADDvance O2 precision is the first solution that lets you define the precise oxygen level for the material and application at hand for more predictable outcomes. It can detect oxygen levels as low as 10 parts per million (ppm) within the printer chamber and then modify the gas atmosphere by adjusting the level of argon or nitrogen.

ADDvance O2 precision: How Does it Work?

This atmosphere control solution uses state-of-the-art engineering to continuously analyze the gas atmosphere in the powder chamber with high precision and without cross-sensitivity. It accurately recognizes the O2 concentration and automatically initiates a purging process to keep the atmosphere at the specified purity levels. You can easily select the atmosphere best suited to a given metal or application and look forward to consistently high quality - print after print - with little or no compromises to material properties. ⁠

ADDvance O2 precision: Benefits at a Glance
  • Reproducible print quality
  • Universally deployable
  • Simple plug-and-play connectivity
  • Ergonomic touch interface
  • No cross-sensitivity
  • 10 ppm accuracy
  • Monitoring of dew point
  • Indication of hydrogen (H2) traces
  • Digital documentation for quality management system (QMS)
ADDvance® O2 precision with PBF-LB printer

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