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With over 130 years of experience, Linde Healthcare is a leading provider of medical gases and associated therapies. Reliability, safety and customer satisfaction are top priorities for our teams. Linde Healthcare is there for you, every step of the way.

Who We Are

At Linde Healthcare, we have a history of innovating product and service solutions for our customers. Our true passion for healthcare lets us build profound expertise in medical gas and respiratory applications. We proactively put our customers’ needs at the heart of what we do. We are fully committed and competent in supporting our customers in their day-to-day healthcare work. Our people are approachable and easy to do business with. Our behavior is rooted in the responsibility to care for patients and caregivers.

What We Do

We understand how the healthcare market is transforming and our customers’ need to perform their critical tasks without the distraction of worrying about their gases and equipment. Our customers have come to expect high quality in medical gases, devices and related services from us. We offer holistic solutions covering pharmaceutical gases, medical devices and services spanning the care continuum from hospital to home. We are there when our customers need us. Even more: with our profound expertise and clinical knowledge, we identify potential problems before they materialize. Together with our customers, we co-create tailored solutions for their business.

Why We Do This

Building on our extensive competencies and our strong identity, we add true value to our customers. Deeply integrated into the healthcare system and our customers’ structures and processes, we truly understand what customers need and offer solutions that improve their business. Our digital technologies and innovative solutions enable customers of all sizes - from individual patients to hospitals - to achieve greater efficiencies, safety and peace of mind. At Linde Healthcare, we help our customers to strive for what is most important to them: the best patient care.

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