Gases and Application Technologies for Construction

Reaching Beyond Gases to Bring You an End-to-End Service and Supply Offering
Complementing our wide range of products, equipment and supply modes with consulting services and deployment support for the safe installation and handling of gases on construction sites
Flexible Choice of Supply Modes

Our gases are available in the supply mode that best fits your application needs - whether that be portable gas cylinders for remote maintenance and testing or high-volume bulk deliveries. We back up our extensive product, equipment and supply system portfolio with a wide service offering. This includes in-depth advice from our engineers, safety equipment and safety training to help you ensure that all the gases you need are installed and handled properly.

In some regions, we can even deliver fully equipped portacabins to your site containing everything from personal protective equipment through gases to supply systems.

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Complementary Offering

Whether you are building single homes or planning a large-scale civil engineering project, you will find that Linde can meet just about all your construction-related gas needs. In addition to the obvious concrete cooling and curing, ground freezing, pipeline isolation and water treatment technologies, you will also find a range of complementary services and technologies such as:

  • All-in-one welding solutions including dedicated hardware to protect workpieces during welding, for example
  • Customized cutting and heating solutions adapted to material sensitivities  
  • Thermal spray coating solutions for the perfect surface finish 
  • Refrigerant gases for HVAC systems, backed by various lifecycle services 
  • Comprehensive laser gas solutions covering laser cutting, welding and surfacing applications 
  • Heat treatment processes to achieve the desired microstructure, physical properties and surface properties 
  • Safety advice, training and equipment for correct handling 

So what’s next?

Reach out to our expert team to explore ways of getting more out of your process flow with services and support from Linde
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