Modified Atmosphere Gases and Mixtures

Preserving Quality and Extending Shelf Life of Milk-based Products
Food-grade MAPAX® gases and gas mixtures tailored to different cheese types can extend shelf life by anything from days to weeks
Inhibiting Bacterial Growth

Microbial growth and rancidity are the primary causes of quality deterioration in dairy products. Depending on the item and its moisture content, the quality of dairy products can quickly deteriorate. Hard cheeses with relatively low water activity, for example, are susceptible to mold, whereas products with high water activity such as cream and soft cheeses are prone to fermentation and rancidity. Lactobacillus, which is widely used in dairy production, can often turn products sour by lowering their pH value.

The right modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) can help overcome these challenges, often through improved pH control. We have a wide portfolio of food-grade MAPAX gases and gas mixtures that can extend the shelf life of dairy products without altering their physical or chemical properties or adding any unnatural ingredients. The natural advantages of this method mean it is gaining traction worldwide. A MAPAX solution for hard cheeses can extend shelf life by as much as seven weeks for instance, whereas soft cheese could gain as many as 13 extra days on the shelf.

Our MAPAX modified atmospheres for dairy products can help you to:

  • Increase sales by satisfying growing demand for fresh and naturally preserved products
  • Extend shelf life without chemicals or freezing
  • Increase shelf life in the distribution chain by days or even weeks
  • Retain taste, texture and appearance
  • Enhance production and distribution efficiency
MAPAX for Dairy

Hard cheeses are best preserved in packaging with a high carbon dioxide (CO2) content as this is the most effective way to stop or reduce microbial activity and retain texture. Even CO2 concentrations of just 20% strongly affect the growth of mold fungi. Lactic acid bacteria, a natural constituent of cheese, are affected very little by the surrounding atmosphere. Soft cheeses also benefit from high levels of CO2 and low levels of oxygen (O2). Our MAPAX solutions for value-added cheeses, such as grated or sliced cheddar, usually combine CO2 with nitrogen (N2) to avoid the package collapsing. N2 and CO2 mixes are also popular for cream and dairy products containing cream as the N2 - by replacing O2 - can prevent rancidity and the growth of aerobic bacteria. And cultured products such as cottage cheese benefit from an extra week of shelf life in a MAPAX atmosphere.

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