Oilfield Services for Tertiary Recovery

Huff and Puff
Our cyclical huff and puff services can help increase the tertiary oil yield of aging wells by injecting CO2 followed by an accelerated soaking phase.
“Stimulating wells with CO2 with a huff and puff treatment (also “huff ‘n’ puff” or “huff-n-puff”) is suitable for wells not yet ready for refracturing”
Stimulating Depleted Wells

Huff and puff is a proven single-well stimulation method that can dramatically increase production from stripped, depleted or low-pressure oil wells. Since the early 1990s, we have successfully deployed huff and puff technology to inject carbon dioxide (CO2) into depleted wells for numerous customers. Developers benefit from incremental oil production. Studies have shown that huff and puff with CO2 can increase oil recovery, boost short-term production, and provide important information on injectivity and pressure communication with adjacent wells.

How It Works

Our huff and puff trailer-mounted pumping package injects liquid CO2 at a predetermined pressure into the well hole under immiscible conditions. The CO2 is shut-in according to bottom-hole pressure, then flowed back to the surface - usually with a dramatic increase in oil production. The injected CO2 causes the oil to swell, lowering its viscosity and interfacial tension. Energy stored in the CO2 works as a drive mechanism to move fluids to the producing wells.

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Why Huff and Puff from Linde?

Huff and puff is the ideal, affordable solution for depleted single wells that are not yet ready for refracturing. For significantly less than the cost of a refracture, huff and puff provides energy to give hydrocarbons in low-pressure zones the necessary lift to get them flowing to the wellbore. When subjected to normal well stimulation pressures, CO2 exhibits a hydrostatic head equal to or greater than fresh water, lowering treatment pressures and horsepower costs.

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