CO2 Supply Solutions for Dry Ice and Sand Blasting 

CRYOCLEAN Snow+ for Challenging and Varied Cleaning Requirements
Marking a unique combination of dry ice blasting and sand blasting, CRYOCLEAN® Snow+ is a flexible solution enabling you to align the cleaning efficiency and abrasiveness with the requirements of the task at hand
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Best of Both Worlds 

CRYOCLEAN Snow+ is dedicated to cleaning tasks where cleaning efficiency and abrasiveness requirements can vary. The surface may be relatively clean on the whole, but spots of heavily soiled, chemically altered or even corroded zones may require more robust treatment. The solution provides a unique and flexible combination of dry ice blasting and sand blasting, allowing the operator to adjust the ratio of carbon dioxide (CO2) and abrasives depending on the condition of the surface. 

We provide just about everything you need for a CRYOCLEAN Snow+ manual or semi-automated workflow. This includes dedicated, patented blasting hardware, supply solutions for liquid carbon dioxide (cylinders or bulk CO2 combined with our PRESUS® C pressure booster) and several types of abrasive blasting agents.

How Does it Work?

Areas with soft contaminants are cleaned with dry ice particles generated in special blasting nozzles by injecting and expanding liquid carbon dioxide (LIC). By means of compressed air and de Laval nozzles, the particles are blasted towards the surface to be cleaned. When treating areas with more stubborn contaminants, the operator can add an abrasive cleaning agent to the blasting jet on demand. CRYOCLEAN Snow+ is predominantly designed for manual or semi-automated operation. 

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  • Synergistic solution combining the benefits of both dry ice blasting and sand blasting
  • Dry ice blasting: Avoidance of moisture and solvents and abrasiveness of solid blasting agents
  • Sand blasting: Minimization of abrasive material volume requirements for low operating costs
  • Reduction in abrasive material disposal costs 

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