Fumigation Gases

Helping to Meet Rising Food Demands in a Growing World

Looking to Protect Your Investment and the Delicate Balance of Nature

There are a number of ways to control the insects and diseases that can threaten a harvested crop or felled wood. Industrial gases and specialty gas mixtures are an effective and increasingly popular way to pre-treat soil against insects, diseases, nematodes and weeds, and to post-treat harvested and stored products.

We deliver a range of pest control agents, equipment and services to limit the impact of pests and disease on timber and in agriculture. Our crop science solutions reflect years of research and underscore our commitment to providing less harmful alternatives to conventional fumigants, which are typically associated with strong ozone depletion and global warming potential.

Regardless of your specific fumigation challenge, we can offer you a solution that is safe and effective with the potential to improve your environmental performance. The benefits of our gases include improved penetration characteristics and shorter treatment times compared with conventional approaches. Consequently, our solutions can help protect your investment and boost your profitability as they often improve product quality, extend the durability of grains, wood, fruit and vegetables, and create more advantageous production conditions.

Please note that all fumigants are subject to local regulatory approval. Hence availability may vary from one region to another. Please contact your local Linde representative for details on availability in your region.

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