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There are many reasons why you may wish to treat your gas. Conditioning allows you to balance purity, temperature, pressure, flow or moisture levels with your precise downstream industrial process requirements.

In plastics processing, for example, gas conditioning ensures that the gas is supplied at the correct pressure and temperature as deviations can have a negative impact on the final product. By contrast, industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics - where purity and accuracy are essential - typically rely on conditioning and analysis to comply with ultra-high-purity standards. And applications such as welding demand gas mixtures specified down to ppm levels of active gases added to shielding gases.

Precise analysis of and control over the gas composition and supply are essential in these and many other industries to avoid damaging sensitive equipment or compromising product quality. Equally important for traceability and auditing purposes is the ability to calibrate the sensors measuring the gas composition and document the results in flexible reports.

We offer a broad range of conditioning solutions spanning boosters, mixers and analyzers to help you meet your specifications and monitor your gas quality in real time. Availability of these solutions may be subject to regional variations, so contact your local Linde representative for more information on how we support your specific needs.

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