On-Site Generation of Hydrogen for Electronics

Continuous, Safe and Reliable Source of Ultra-pure Hydrogen in High Volumes
Bundling the benefits of steam methane reforming (SMR) and high thermal efficiency in a range of safe and reliable on-site HYDROPRIME® hydrogen generators
Cost-effective Path to Low Emissions

For electronics manufacturers who require a steady supply of ultra-pure hydrogen in high volumes, for example to support EUV lithography, epitaxial silicon growth, thermal processing or MOCVD growth control, our HYDROPRIME series of on-site hydrogen generators provide cost-effective and low-emission solutions.

This highly packaged, standardized series is based on steam methane reforming (SMR) technology. Production capacities vary from 300 to 32,000 Nm3 per hour (NCMH) with purities of 99.999%.

HYDROPRIME systems come as complete factory-assembled units on a single transportable skid. They can be installed and commissioned within fourteen days of arrival to the site.

Benefits of HYDROPRIME
  • Stable and reliable operation due to state-of-the-art steam methane reforming (SMR) technology
  • High thermal efficiency resulting in low production costs
  • Reduced carbon dioxide footprint compared with bulk supplies delivered in tankers
  • Fast installation and unattended operation from a remote operations center (ROC), automatic start-up and load-following features
  • On-site back-up storage coupled with data connection to our remote operations centers for unsurpassed safety and reliability
Flow chart illustrating how an on-site HYDROPRIME® gas generator for H2 works

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