Gases & Application Technologies for Metal Fabrication & Processing

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Metal Fabrication is Everywhere - Enabling the Devices, Appliances, Tools, Buildings, Bridges, Trains, and Machinery We Use in Everyday Life
From smartphones to satellites and from buildings to bridges, metal fabrication shapes just about every aspect of our daily lives. Just as diverse as the use cases is the vast spectrum of metals, alloys, surfaces and delivery forms for different applications. In addition, specifications such as functionality and strength of finished parts vary from one industry to another.

Building on our vast and proven experience in different metal fabrication processes, we help our customers unlock the huge potential of gases as key enablers of quality, productivity, safety and sustainability. Whether you are specialized in welding, cutting, heating, joining, additive manufacturing or surface treatment, we can help you meet your competitiveness, decarbonization, process digitalization, automation, and occupational health and safety targets.
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Additive Manufacturing

Discover how we are helping to optimize additive manufacturing (AM) outcomes by delivering process gases, powder handling solutions and atmosphere control technologies tailored to 3D printing.
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Arc Welding

Explore ways to optimize arc welding with our material- and process-specific selection of welding gases tailored to different welding goals and complemented by reliable gas supply solutions. On top, we complement our service with robust, top-of-the-range welding equipment and fillers in many regions.

Laser Joining

With our range of laser process gases, you can not only protect the molten metal and heat-affected areas of your workpiece, but also potentially increase welding speed and improve penetration or mechanical properties.

Thermal Cutting

We deliver high-purity gases, bespoke mixtures, state-of-the-art gas control equipment and supporting services to help optimize your thermal cutting processes - always tailoring our offering to your heat source, whether it be laser beam, plasma stream or fuel.

Thermal Coating and Spraying

Get the exact surface you need in flame, arc, plasma, laser or cold spraying with our LINSPRAY® thermal spray solutions along with customized gas mixtures and supply concepts.
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Flame Heating

Our fuel gases can increase the performance of flame straightening, hardening and fusing processes, and of pre-heating and post-heating in welding and hot forming operations. Our proprietary LINDOFLAMM® burners are designed for the best possible and safe management of heat input in combination with the outstanding properties of dissolved acetylene as a fuel gas.

Heat Treatment

Achieve the metallurgical properties you need by fine-tuning the gas composition in your furnace along with the parameters you apply to various heat treatment processes - with the help of our proven expertise.

Metal Powder Processing

We can suggest and even test-drive the gases and mixtures best suited to the production, handling, recycling and storage of sensitive, valuable metal powders you use in 3D printing or in any other powder-based fabrication method.

Metal Surface Processing

Our CRYOCLEAN® dry ice blasting solution for cleaning, modifying, structuring and finishing fabricated metal parts is a fast, residue-free, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning methods that often rely on hazardous wet chemicals. Plasma surface processing using reactive process gases is also growing in popularity.

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