Bespoke Gas Mixture for Binder Jetting

Innovative Gas Mixture Specifically for Binder Jetting
ADDvance® Sinter250 is a bespoke gas mixture designed to create the ideal atmosphere in binder jetting processes for printed parts of high strength and integrity
Optimized 3D Printing Results with Binder Jetting

To enhance sintering atmospheres and avoid oxidation in binder jetting, we developed a bespoke gas mixture offering advanced atmosphere control. ADDvance® Sinter250 is a special argon/hydrogen mix ideal for ensuring the integrity and strength of parts printed from stainless steel powders. We also supply a pure argon 5.0 gas for the manufacture of parts made from metal alloy and tool steel powders.

Complementing this state-of-the-art atmosphere control gas solution, we offer customized installation kits to simplify and accelerate deployment of 3D printing systems such as Desktop Metal’s Bound Metal Deposition™ process, along with consultancy services, end-to-end gas supply schemes and advice on best practices in cylinder and feedstock storage.

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