Oxygen and Oxygenation Systems for Aquaculture

Enhancing Productivity and Fish Health through Oxygenation Technology
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Key Factor for Success: Controlling Oxygen Levels 
Aquaculture, with its increasingly sophisticated onshore and offshore fish farming systems, is becoming widely recognized as a more sustainable option for meeting the rapidly rising global demand for seafood products. Linde’s oxygen and oxygenation systems help the aquaculture industry tackle a number of operational challenges. Reducing aquaculture’s footprint through efficient oxygenation of fish tanks while helping fish farming operations become economically viable is at the core of our technology offerings. Building on our extensive SOLVOX® portfolio of oxygenation solutions, our professionals work with you to set up secure pure oxygen delivery systems to enrich your water and help you reach your productivity goals.

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Importance of Balanced Oxygen Saturation

The aquaculture industry faces several challenges in supplying a healthy aquatic environment for best results. The answer to many of these lies in oxygen and suited system for its dissolution and distribution. Supplementary oxygenation is crucial to maintain high specific growth rates  even with higher stocking densities, and lower the rate of disease and mortality. All this combined with  low energy consumption associated with oxygenation is essential for high productivity and profitability.

Tailored Solutions for Optimum Oxygenation

Over the decades, we have developed a number of pioneering oxygenation technologies to all aquaculture concepts such as Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), sea cages and flow-through systems. This includes solutions for emergency situations and transportation of fish. Tailored to your individual operating challenges, our SOLVOX® portfolio and complementary services help you control oxygen levels, the content of inert gases, and hydraulics in fish tanks for smooth and reliable operation at highest efficiency and low energy usage. 

Application Expertise and World-leading Research Activities

Our aquaculture solutions are all built on close collaboration with our customers and their engineering partners, an international network of fish-farming experts, and a commitment to state-of-the-art research. We carry out tests and demonstrations at fresh, sea and brackish water facilities at our Innovation Centre for Aquaculture in Ålesund, Norway. This pioneering R&D and testing center bundles our knowledge and experience so we can continually enhance our product lines and put these insights to work for our customers.
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