IN2ERT Accelerated Purging & Cleaning for Chemical Producers

Rapid, Effective Treatment of Tanks, Reactors, Heat Exchangers and Piping
IN2ERT™ is a proprietary platform technology for accelerated purging and cleaning of various types of chemical production process equipment, offering speed, predictability, safety, cost and environmental benefits
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What is IN2ERT?

Our IN2ERT solution delivers safe, reliable and fast purging of equipment containing hydrocarbon residues or volatile organics. After conventional purging with nitrogen (N2), the residues left in clearing tanks, piping and heat exchangers continue to emit hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and volatiles, which means that asset owners have to suspend maintenance activities. Our IN2ERT service allows you to suppress toxins for uninterrupted maintenance work. With this process, hydrocarbons are absorbed while internal contaminants and residues are encapsulated to prevent further emission releases.

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