Pressurized Nitrogen for Chemical Plant Pipeline Pigging Operations

Clean, Dry Nitrogen as the Ideal Tool for Pipeline Cleaning, Purging or Inspections
Supporting pipeline maintenance and inspection work in chemical production plants with a steady supply of pressurized nitrogen for cleaning and purging
“Detail view of control pig for pipeline cleaning”

Extensive pipelines in the base and petrochemical industries often require maintenance and inspection work. Pressure-driven pigs are typically required to seal off the pipeline section in question. There are a variety of pig designs available, generally divided into two primary categories. Utility and smart pigs can be propelled using the contents of the pipe. Alternatively, the pig can use another fluid such as nitrogen gas.

For cases when pigs are not propelled using the contents of the pipe, or when pigging is used to purge the contents of the pipeline, nitrogen offers an excellent option to propel the pig. We offer extensive expertise in both nitrogen supply solutions and gas pressure and flow control capabilities.

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