Gases and Application Technologies for Binder Jetting

Capitalizing on the Speed and Cost Advantages of Binder Jetting

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Optimizing Binder Jetting Outcomes for Printed Parts of Higher Quality

Binder jetting is a powder-based additive manufacturing (AM) process that combines inkjet technology with a binding agent. Suited to higher-volume, lower-cost applications, binder jetting offers speed and cost advantages over some other powder-based AM processes. As with all AM processes, the quality of the final printed part is dependent to a large extent on a controlled atmosphere at many steps in the workflow.

The key steps involved in binder jetting are outlined below.

Our Offering for Binder Jetting
  • Argon and nitrogen with controlled humidity for all steps in the binder jetting process flow
  • Linde Green argon and nitrogen for manufacturers looking to decarbonize operations
  • Customized installation kits to accelerate deployment of 3D printing systems such as Desktop Metal’s Bound Metal Deposition™ process
  • ADDvance® Sinter250 - bespoke argon/hydrogen mix specially created for debinding and sintering of metals
  • Tailoring the oxygen content in the gas composition for efficient binder removal and limited oxidation of the metal powder
  • Design, provision and installation of gas supply systems, including the more sophisticated hydrogen component
  • On-stream technical and maintenance services for gas supply system
  • Gas safety services - equipment, safety checks and training
AM-printed glass burner

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