Distributed LNG Production

Skidded, Micro LNG Production Plant
Utilizing the refrigeration property of cryogenic liquid nitrogen, our OPTI-LNG systems convert natural gas to liquefied natural gas (LNG) in small-scale, distributed operations
Locating Production Closer to Demand

As an alternative fuel, LNG has the potential to not only reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, but also of other gases such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides (NOx and SOx) and of particulate matter – all of which are harmful to air quality. In regions where there is little or no access to natural gas pipeline distribution networks, on-road and maritime transportation networks can create virtual LNG distribution pipelines.

To reduce these distribution costs, small-scale LNG production solutions move LNG sourcing to regions of high demand. Small-scale production solutions such as Linde’s OPTI-LNG also allow owners to monetize stranded gas resources that cannot be connected to natural gas pipeline networks.

Closer Look at OPTI-LNG M

OPTI-LNG M is ideal for small plant capacities in the range of 5 to 20 thousand gallons per day (8-33 MTPD). This solution leverages Linde’s own air separation plants and liquid nitrogen distribution network.

OPTI-LNG M is a highly compact, skidded plant design, giving customers a lower-capital path to local LNG production. The compact design means it can fit on the back of a single 50-foot trailer and includes gas pre-treatment and liquefaction equipment.

Liquid nitrogen is utilized as the sole source of refrigeration for this mobile plant. Linde’s established liquid nitrogen supply network means this technology can be deployed flexibly and cost-effectively. The unit’s mobility enables short-term deployment scenarios, such as flare gas capture. It is also specifically targeted at LNG supplies at compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations and at seeding LNG operations in regions where demand may be expected to grow over the coming years. The capacity range of OPTI-LNG M makes it ideal for the production of bio LNG from various biogas sources such as landfill gas or from biogas sourced from anaerobic digesters at municipal waste, wastewater and dairy treatment plants.

With these modular OPTI-LNG plants, customers benefit from a one-stop service combining Linde’s engineering and gases know-how to deliver rapid deployment, reliable, cost-effective operations and ease of maintenance.

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