Full Range of High-purity Bulk and Specialty Gases plus Services

More Flexibility and Efficiency in LED Manufacturing

Rising Demand for Displays

LED solid-state lights continue to grow in popularity, driven in particular by applications such as LCD TV backlighting and low-power general illumination. To accommodate this expanding market, we supply the full range of bulk and specialty gases required for LED manufacturing. As material requirements evolve, we are also committed to developing robust delivery solutions supported by a flexible and reliable supply chain for substantial productivity improvements. For example, we established Asia's first ultra-pure ammonia plant.

Ready to Go

We complement our high-purity bulk and specialty gases for LEDs and our global supply chain with turnkey on-site capabilities for larger LED fabs.

These on-site facilities ensure a continuous, monitored and flexible supply of gas. Standardized and modular designs give you the added benefit of greater cost efficiencies and reliability.

On-Site Supply Plants

We offer a number of on-site supply solutions to give you the flexibility you need in your LED manufacturing operations. These include:

Materials for LED Solid-State Lighting Manufacture

Although requirements vary from one region to another, the following table shows the main bulk and electronics specialty gases we supply to LED manufacturers.

Bulk Gases       Electronics specialty gases
Nitrogen       Ammonia
Hydrogen       Dopants and metal organics


So what's next?

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