Modified Atmosphere Gases and Mixtures

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Prepared and Convenience Foods
Natural way to preserve the quality and lock in the freshness of prepared dishes and convenience foods - with food-grade MAPAX® gases and gas mixtures from Linde
Modified Atmospheres Tailored to Different Foodstuffs

Prepared foods can spoil very quickly in the wrong environments. This applies in particular to foods with a neutral pH value. With prepared foods, the rate of deterioration depends on the ingredients and varies considerably from one product to another. Products with diverse and variable components (such as sandwiches, filled pasta, salads, pizza and spring rolls) are particularly challenging. Take meat-based ravioli or lasagna, for example. The meat spoils at a different rate than the pasta.

One of the other major challenges associated with prepared foods is how to avoid introducing microbial contamination during what is often a multi-step manufacturing process. The most serious breakdown processes are caused by the growth of microorganisms, oxidation and staleness. This results in rancidity, discoloration and loss of taste.

Based on our wide portfolio of food-grade gases, we have developed a range of MAPAX solutions targeted specifically at the highly diverse needs of multi-ingredient prepared and catered foods. These mixtures have been carefully created to best inhibit deterioration and maintain the quality of multi-component dishes.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) can extend the shelf life of prepared foods without altering physical or chemical properties or adding any unnatural ingredients. It is a natural method that is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. In many cases, it can also complement alternative preservation methods.

Our MAPAX modified atmospheres for prepared and catered foods can help you to:

  • Increase sales by satisfying growing demand for fresh and naturally preserved products
  • Extend shelf life without chemicals or freezing
  • Increase shelf life in the distribution chain by days or even weeks
  • Retain taste, texture and appearance
  • Enhance production and distribution efficiency
MAPAX for Prepared and Catered Foods

We have developed a range of MAPAX solutions targeted specifically at the challenges facing catering and prepared foods specialists.

The relationship between CO2 and nitrogen (N2) in prepared food packages is mainly determined on the basis of the moisture content of the product, but also on the composition of the food. This influences the speed of microbial growth, oxidation and enzymatic activity.

A fresh pizza, for example, stored in a non-protective atmosphere at 4°C to 6°C (39.2 to 42.8ºF), spoils in about a week. However, MAPAX extends this to several weeks by combining a low oxygen (O2) concentration with a high carbon dioxide (CO2) level.

MAPAX also extends the shelf life of sandwiches by 5 - 7 days if the product is packed in 30% CO2 and 70% N2 at a storage temperature of 2-4°C. This means you can prepare sandwiches in advance and work more efficiently in the evenings and at weekends.

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