Cooling Power of Cryogenic Gases

Chilling Fruit and Vegetables
Suited to everything from apples to zucchini, our ACCU-CHILL® product line rapidly lowers the temperature of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables during the next processing steps
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Enhancing the Processing of Fruit & Veg

Whether freshly harvested produce or ready-serve salads, most fruit and vegetables are sensitive and require hygienic, gentle handling during harvesting, storage, preparation, packaging and distribution. Temperature control is a key success factor at most stages in the post-harvest processing flow.

Our ACCU-CHILL cryogenic chilling solutions use carbon dioxide or nitrogen gases to quickly lower the temperature of fresh produce, either to improve productivity for downstream processing or preserve the food by inhibiting bacterial growth. Especially in the case of more delicate produce, rapid chilling can firm fruit and vegetables so they can be cut and portioned cleanly - with less damage. Chilling can also help you improve productivity.

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