Supplying Industrial Refinery Gases and Equipment

Refining Expectations – with Gases and Equipment from Linde
Low-investment Route to Higher Capacity and Lower Emissions 

With over 75 years of experience and more than 1 billion standard cubic feet of hydrogen (H2) capacity per day, Linde is a proven, trusted supplier to refinery operators.

H2 plays an essential role in producing cleaner-burning transportation fuels. We have decades of experience in engineering, executing and operating highly efficient, safe and reliable H2 production plants, recovery systems and pipeline networks around the world.

Our unique application technologies use oxygen and other industrial gases to help refiners unlock the full productivity and profitability potential of their refinery in today’s challenging environment for smarter, cleaner and more economical operations.

Process Intensification

Discover how we can help you debottleneck your operations and increase flexibility with our innovative oxygen-based process technologies
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Emission Abatement and Control

Providing innovative air and water emission abatement solutions, including pre-and post-combustion technology with market-leading NOx abatement efficiency
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Industrial Service Solutions

Helping your refineries stay productive with turnaround and temporary supply services including purging, cleaning, cooling, plus pressure and leak testing
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