Rapid Freezing Power of Cryogenic Gases

Freezing Baked Goods and Confectionary
Our CRYOLINE® freezers use the rapid heat-removal properties of liquid N2 or CO2 to quickly freeze parbaked breads, fast-freezing rolls, pretzels and other prepared bakery products
Locking in freshness and extending shelf live with cryogenic freezing

Cryogenic freezing of parbaked or fully baked goods is the ideal way to firm up products, lock in freshness, extend shelf life and expand market reach. We offer a range of innovative state-of-the-art CRYOLINE cryogenic freezers that deliver efficient cooling capacity in a small footprint and to the highest hygienic standards. You can use these as standalone solutions or combine them with existing freezers for rapid scale-up without massive capital outlay.

The CRYOLINE family of ultra-performance tunnels and spirals use liquid  nitrogen (LIN) or liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) to rapidly remove heat from baked goods and thus maintain product appearance and limit moisture loss. Inline freezing and chilling systems for bakery production can increase both productivity and production line flexibility. These models can also reduce the footprint on your shop floor.

Before slicing portionable products, for example, it is often helpful to rapidly freeze the crust to maintain rigidity and shape for subsequent freezing. Our inline CRYOLINE solutions can crust-freeze your baked goods prior to packaging so you can preserve the unique look and taste of your product. We also have models suited to the individual quick freezing (IQF) of single items. They are designed not only to enhance productivity but also to accelerate and simplify cleaning thanks to their sanitary design and stainless steel surfaces.

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