N2LOCK for Manual Reactor Charging in an Inert Atmosphere

Nitrogen Sluices Minimize Oxygen and Moisture Ingress during Reactor Charging
Mitigate air contamination with our nitrogen-enabled N2LOCK® sluices, which can be easily connected to existing reactor ports to create an inert, dry curtain
Safe Charging of Bulk Solids

Charging liquid or dry ingredients into reactors often results in opportunities for air intrusion through the open port. The ingress of oxygen or moisture can contaminate the reactor contents, resulting in product quality issues and safety hazards. Often, complex means of isolation are employed to prevent air from entering reactors. Screw feeders, rotary valves and other complex, costly solutions require significant design effort for integration. Our patented N2LOCK system is an inert gas lock effective in reducing the quantity of atmospheric oxygen admitted when vessels are opened and manually charged.

How Does N2LOCK Work?

The charging hole is purged with inert nitrogen (N2) gas through an inerting lock specially developed by our engineering team. Locks can be installed permanently or mounted temporarily before charging is started. N2LOCK features a variety of patented locks, which can be easily inserted into existing reactor ports and only require a simple nitrogen gas connection.

Wide Range of Applications

Inert gas locks can be employed wherever reactor vessels or mixers are charged manually at regular intervals and an inert atmosphere must be maintained for safety and/or quality reasons.

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