Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Chemical Production

Conserving Water through Advanced Recycling & Re-use Technologies
Our tried-and-tested wastewater offerings have been successfully deployed in chemical plants around the world to address wastewater operational and environmental challenges
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Raising Treatment Capacity while Lowering VOCs and Costs

Whether your wastewater treatment system is an extensive aerated lagoon or a compact wastewater treatment process, our technology offerings can provide you with effective and reliable treatment with the added bonus of environmental gains in many instances.

We develop and deliver customized systems to help chemical production plants meet their wastewater management goals. We work directly with our customers to provide beginning-to-end treatment methods, from needs assessment and treatment strategy to equipment design, installation and industrial gas supply. And we offer a wide range of applications that treat and re-use process water, all while maximizing treatment capacity, reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, improving safety and reducing costs.

Wastewater Challenges in Chemical Production


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