NOx Removal with LOTOX

Flexible, Effective Reduction of NOx Emissions through Low-temperature Oxidation
Our LOTOX® low-temperature oxidation system injects ozone into flue gas streams where it reacts with NOx to create higher oxides that can be effectively removed from the flue gas
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Effective Abatement and Control of NOx Emissions

Our LOTOX low-temperature oxidation technology delivers the highest NOx removal capabilities commercially available, achieving efficiency rates in excess of 95%. This process employs ozone to overcome the temperature-related challenges of typical nitrogen oxide (NOx) removal technologies. LOTOX injects ozone into flue gas streams, where it reacts with NOx (mainly NO and NO2) and these species are converted to higher oxides of nitrogen such as N2O5. These oxides are not only very soluble but also reactive, so they can be easily removed along with other hazardous pollutants using conventional wet or dry scrubbers.

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Automatic Adjustment to Variations in NOx Load

LOTOX systems are demonstrably very responsive to large variations in flue gas composition. The control system automatically adjusts ozone dosing to variations in NOx load. Depending on regulatory requirements, the level of NOx abatement can be easily dialed in so oxygen and ozone usage is managed appropriately.

LOTOX NOx control is very effective for a range of combustion processes. It is an excellent option for flue gas streams that are problematic for other NOx control technologies.

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