Gases and Application Technologies for Construction

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Helping Construction Companies Manage Cost and Productivity Drivers Through Innovative Gas Solutions 
For everything from residential to commercial buildings and from bridges to roads, we provide a broad range of gases, application technologies and supporting services to help you meet your productivity, quality and cost targets.

Our gas-enabled process technologies have already been proven in countless construction projects worldwide, supporting many different workflows such as concrete cooling, concrete curing, cryogenic ground freezing, HVAC installations, pipeline isolation, water treatment and metal fabrication. Our expertise spans all kinds of construction projects, including heavy machinery, offshore installations, pipelines, energy and process plants, as well as wind, wave and tidal energy systems.
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Concrete Cooling

You can master fluctuations in cooling requirements and keep concrete at an optimum temperature with liquid nitrogen (LIN)
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Concrete Curing

As a curing agent, carbon dioxide has the potential to reduce the carbon impact of concrete without compromising performance
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Ground Freezing

Liquid nitrogen (LIN) is the ideal way to stabilize the soil around construction sites so work can continue safely and quickly
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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

We offer a wide portfolio of refrigerant gases for HVAC systems with technical support for responsible use and correct destruction
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Pipeline Isolation

Pipe freezing with LIN for fast, effective maintenance work on pipeline sections without having to shut down the entire system
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Water Treatment

Carbon dioxide is a convenient way to precisely regulate the pH of wastewater from construction sites, mines and concrete plants
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Service and Supply for Construction

Expert consulting to guide you along with deployment support for the safe installation and handling of gases
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