Gases to Extend the Reach and Uptake of Plant-based Meat Substitutes

Smart Way to Meet Rising Demand for New Foods

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Marked Shift in Consumer Preferences

The upsurge in demand for plant-based foods and meat alternatives is having a transformative effect on the global food industry. Looking ahead, this trend is set to gain momentum, especially as the world’s population continues to expand. Changing consumer behaviors and expectations are being driven by a growing awareness of the environmental, health and ethical impacts of our food choices. These new foods based on soya, pulses, seeds, algae and more speak to the growing prioritization of animal welfare, sustainability and climate concerns. The food industry is challenged to rapidly adapt and innovate to embrace alternative proteins and support shifting vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles.

We are helping our customers to navigate this transformation journey with a full range of food-grade gases and technologies for cooling, chilling, freezing, preserving and inerting plant-based meat, fish and poultry substitutes. Our gases are available in cryogenic liquid form for freezing and chilling, in solid form for transport cooling, and as gas mixtures for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). We also work closely with our customers to adapt our technologies and solutions to individual processing challenges.

Gases for plant-based meat analogues can help you to maintain the proper temperature, improve processing conditions, scale production capacity, increase product yield, and ultimately extend food shelf life naturally. We can also guide you in complying with all relevant national and international health and safety standards.

Many of our freezing and chilling innovations can be combined with existing equipment and easily expanded. In such a young and dynamic market space, this can give food producers the flexibility they need to rapidly scale production without prohibitive capital commitments thanks to different business models.


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