Gases and Application Technologies Spanning the Entire Seafood Chain

Setting the Standards for Quality in Fish and Seafood

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From Farm or Boat Right to the Consumer’s Table

As a trusted, long-standing partner to the fish industry, we have a proven track record in helping fish farmers to create the best possible environment for both freshwater and seawater fish, and in helping processors to maintain quality and taste.

At the pre-harvest stage, we work closely with our customers at our technology centers and at our international aquaculture R&D center in Norway. This gives us an in-depth, hands-on understanding of the specific challenges involved in farming and processing fish.

Post-harvest, we have a wide range of chilling, freezing, packaging and distribution solutions that help maintain safety and quality standards across the entire seafood chain - from the farm or boat right to the consumer’s table. Rounding out our MAPAX® portfolio of bespoke modified atmosphere gases and mixtures, our experts would be happy to support you with application expertise and complementary installation, test and safety services.

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