Emission Abatement and Control for Refineries

Sustainable Solutions for Air and Water Emissions

Innovative, Market-leading Technologies to Lower Emissions

We work closely with leading agencies and our customers to develop, optimize and deliver a wide range of emissions monitoring, control and abatement solutions. Covering both the pre- and post-combustion steps, we offer everything from cutting-edge burners and gas supply equipment right up to turnkey installations.

A long and growing list of reference projects attests to our unparalleled experience and innovation lead in emissions control. For example, our low-temperature oxidation process uses ozone to overcome the temperature-related challenges of typical nitrogen oxide (NOx) removal technologies. We also deliver innovative cryocondensation technologies to recover volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for recycling or controlled disposal. In addition, customers turn to us for the full range of specialty gases, equipment and services to support process measurement, emissions control, instrument calibration, leak detection and combustion control. Last but not least, we deliver a range of innovative wastewater treatment solutions.

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