Integrated Gases and Chemical Supply Solutions for Solar Panels

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Around the world, we are helping solar manufacturers to improve yield and cell efficiency while lowering costs with dedicated, single-source solutions spanning the specialist materials used in photovoltaic production. Our commitment to clean energy and our global gas and engineering capabilities make us the materials technology expert of choice for solar cell manufacturers regardless of your size or location. Our technologies and solutions can help you move beyond grid parity to green parity and reduce cost per watt through innovative gas and chemical technologies.

Highlights of our Offering
  •  An extended product portfolio aligned with the needs of our customers 
  • A solid supply chain with the ability to deliver our products to where you need them 
  • Strong gas engineering competence and chemical delivery systems at your site 
  • Support for technology development with know-how developed over many years in the photovoltaic industry and through working with different stakeholders including equipment manufacturers and end users 

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Portfolio and Supply Chain

As a global gas and material supplier, we build on our global reach to offer the full range of gas and chemical products to support all crystalline silicon cell manufacturing processes. Our portfolio includes:

Bulk and Electronics Specialty Gases for Crystalline Silicon Cell Manufacturing
Bulk gases 
      Electronics specialty gases 
 Nitrogen         Silane
 Hydrogen         Ammonia
 Helium         Fluorine (on-site generation)
 Oxygen         Sulfur hexafluoride


Carbon tetrafluoride   

Arsine and phosphine mixtures   

Solar cell production
Strong Focus on Technology Development

Constantly pioneering new products and technologies, our aim is to help the PV industry improve solar cell efficiency and manufacturing productivity. As part of our commitment to the latest process technologies, we are currently driving the trend from wet to dry processing. Building on our expertise in thin-film silicon solar, our dry processing technologies are enabling smarter crystalline silicon manufacturing processes.

To advance our efforts in this area, we also participate in several industry initiatives such as:

  • PEPPER Project in thin-film PV, where we successfully implemented PECVD chamber cleaning using molecular fluorine and helped to drastically reduce cleaning time
  • EuroPlas Project working with companies such as Meyer Burger, where molecular fluorine is being used for dry texturization of silicon wafers

We are also well-prepared for future technology transitions such as n-type cells, which use different materials. And we can supply all the gases necessary for the very promising technology of heterojunction, which can deliver very high efficiencies. From our development activities in thin-film PV and the display industry, we have gathered in-depth knowledge around the process and gas applications that are particularly suitable for heterojunction cell manufacturing.

Let us work with you to help reduce your costs, increase your productivity, and further improve cell efficiency.

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