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Not all gases were created equal! We know that purity and volume needs vary dramatically from one industry and application to another. So our experts are committed to helping you choose the right gas in the purity and supply mode best suited to your business and productivity goals. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your supply - so you can do more with less.

Check out our vast offering of industrial, specialty and healthcare gases and gas mixtures - brought to you from the pioneer in air separation. Our offering spans the full range of gas supply options so you can find the right fit for your needs.

Additive Manufacturing Gases

Discover how our process gas atmospheres and ADDvance® bespoke gas mixtures can protect additively manufactured parts for enhanced printing outcomes
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Arc Welding Gases

Get your shielding gas right with Linde and look forward to a better weld along with improved weld metal properties such as strength and corrosion resistance
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Atmospheric Gases

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of gaseous and compressed atmospheric gases and blends spanning all purities and supply modes - from the pioneer in air separation
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Diving Gases

Dive in and explore our safe, diving-grade mixtures and supply systems and see why we are a trusted supplier to leisure, research and industrial divers in many regions
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Electronics Gases

Read why just about all sectors of the electronics industry worldwide - from R&D labs to large-scale fabs - rely on our gases and wet chemicals
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Food-Grade Gases

Delight your customers, extend your reach and boost productivity with food-grade gases for chilling, freezing, packaging, transport cooling, carbonation and inerting
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Fuel Gases

Tap into heat energy - any time and place you need it - with our broad range of fuel gases including acetylene, natural gas, propane, propylene and hydrogen
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Limit the impact of pests and disease on timber and crops with naturally occurring, non-residual industrial gases, gas mixtures and active ingredients for fumigation
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Linde operates an extensive supply network spanning helium plants and transfill facilities around the globe to reliably deliver helium to all major markets worldwide.
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Hospitality Gases

Choose from our extensive range of hospitality and leisure gases to carbonate your drinks, heat your patio, power your BBQ or inflate helium balloons
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Join the growing number of companies across countless industries that are turning to Linde’s expertise to unlock the potential of H2 and accelerate the journey to net zero
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Laser Joining Gases

Find the gases that best fit your laser welding and joining needs from our custom-developed programs, and protect your investment in expensive equipment
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Medical Gases

See how our medical gases and services are enabling professionals to deliver better care across the full continuum from hospital to home
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Packaged Chemicals

Get the gaseous chemicals you need in the packages you need - from our broad offering scaling from one kilogram to several tons
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Powder Atomization Gases

Boost productivity and quality in the production of your powder feedstock by getting the gas atmosphere right - we can advise on the best gas, mix and supply scheme
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Rare Gases

Enjoy security of supply spanning all rare gases, mixtures, purities and supply modes thanks to our vast network of production, blending and purification facilities
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Meet your legislative and environmental obligations by turning to one of the market’s widest ranges of products, natural refrigerants included
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Specialty Gases

Choose our HiQ® program of specialty gases and precision-engineered gas supply equipment so you too can benefit from the highest standards of purity and accuracy
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Thermal Cutting Gases

Meet rising quality and productivity pressures with our high-purity cutting gases and bespoke mixtures for cutting with plasma arc, oxy-fuel, laser beam and more …
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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

At Linde we are driven to ensure no harm comes from our actions to people, the environment or the communities in which we operate.
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