Customized Gas Supply Solutions for Cold Spraying

Avoiding Deformation during Thermal Spraying with LINSPRAY Connect
Supply solutions reflecting our thorough understanding of the importance of stable and reliable high-pressure, high-purity process gas streams in cold spraying outcomes
Bringing Productivity and Innovation Benefits to Many Markets

The compelling productivity and quality benefits of cold spraying are driving demand for this process across a broad spectrum of industries from automotive through electronics to aviation. Unlike hot spraying, which heats the powder to above melting point, cold spraying requires a powder temperature of "just" a few hundred degrees Celsius. With cold spraying, tiny particles of metal powder are propelled onto a substrate using high-pressure gases such as nitrogen or helium. The particles are heated and accelerated through a supersonic nozzle to speeds of between 500 and 1200 meters/second. The supersonic speed of the particles and the high degree of deformation on impact with the substrate enable extremely homogenous and very dense coatings. Because this process does not fuse or melt the powder, it results in minimal thermal influence on the coating and the substrate.

The gas supply system plays a defining role in cold spraying outcomes. A stable, reliable stream of high-pressure, high-purity process gases is essential. Gas pressure and temperature determine the particle velocity and - by definition - the quality of the coating. These parameters must also be adapted to each cold spray application. Any fluctuations in temperature or pressure compromise coating quality; with rapid temperature changes even potentially damaging both the gas heater and the spray nozzle.

Introducing LINSPRAY Connect

Plug-and-play Solution for Cold Spraying

We teamed up with Impact Innovations to bring you the convenience of a one-stop, plug-and-play solution for cold spraying. LINSPRAY® Connect combines our long-standing expertise and technology leadership in cold spraying, thermal spraying and gas supply systems with Impact Innovations’ market-leading Impact EvoCSII System for superior control over cold spraying processes.

Reflecting our LINSPRAY family concept, LINSPRAY Connect is delivered as part of a customized gas supply solution, including cylinder bundles or a bulk tank for the process gas, a PRESUS® high-pressure boosting pump or a cryogenic pump, a high-pressure pipeline and evaporator as well as gas control panels.

LINSPRAY Connect is a smart, safe supply solution that can be easily integrated into intelligent, automated factory manufacturing and monitoring workflows.

Benefits of LINSPRAY Connect at a Glance
  • Precise match for high-pressure specifications of EvoCSII
  • All-inclusive, plug-and-play solution
  • Stable flow of high-purity process gases at the right temperature and pressure
  • Minimal to no fluctuations in gas supply parameters for high-quality cold spraying outcomes
  • Greater process control for less risk of damage to cold spray system
  • Real-time monitoring for reduced downtime
  • Fewer rejects and less rework
  • Integration into smart factory systems
  • Ease of scalability as needs grow
Typical Markets that Benefit from Cold Spraying
  • Nuclear
    Here cold spraying enables superior anti-corrosion dense coatings of nuclear storage and transport containers for enhanced reliability over extended lifetimes
  • Induction cookware
    It is used to coat aluminum cookware with very thin layers of induction-capable ferromagnetic steel for improved heat transfer
  • Maintenance
    Cold spraying can save energy and materials by repairing and refurbishing parts that could previously only be replaced or recycled
  • Aerospace
    It is also used to repair lightweight alloy components and additively manufacture combustion chambers
  • Automotive
    Use cases in this market include the coating of brake discs to reduce emissions and improve thermal management in electric vehicles with hybrid heatsinks
The cold praying process chain using LINSPRAY Connect gas supply system and Impact Innovations equipment

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