Atmospheric Gases in Cylinder, Bulk, On-site and Pipeline Supply Modes

Atmospheric Gases in the Purities and Supply Modes You Need

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Splitting Air into its Constituent Parts

Ambient air can be broken down into the main atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) by cooling the air until each component liquefies, can be cryogenically separated and then purified.

Also classified as an atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide is usually recovered as a by-product of various industrial processes, in chemicals and refining in particular.

A pioneer in cryogenic air separation, we have gained unparalleled know-how in the design and construction of air separation units (ASUs). To date, we have built over 2,800 plants in 80 countries. For smaller volumes, we deliver gaseous and compressed atmospheric gases in a variety of cylinder sizes and purities. For added flexibility, we also offer bulk and - in some regions - pipeline deliveries.

Contact your local Linde representative to see what supply option and purity grade is best for your operations. The benefits to your business can include greater uptime through security of supply, higher productivity and greater operational flexibility.


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