Rare Gases: Neon

Neon Gas in the Grades and Volumes Needed for Emerging Medical and Electronics Applications
Get your neon mix right with Linde - and target a growing number of opportunities across the medical and electronics industries
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Tapping into the Chip Market with a Predictable Supply of Neon

Best known for its fluorescent capabilities, the noble gas neon (Ne) plays a key role in applications that require a neon mixture to operate an excimer laser. A gas mixture containing inert or rare gases (argon, krypton, xenon and/or neon) and halogen gases (fluorine or chlorine) is excited when an electric current is applied in a chamber (“resonator”). Depending on the gas composition, the laser emits light with a distinct wavelength in the deep ultraviolet spectrum (DUV), which is the light source for many target applications.


The main application of neon is a laser-based lithography process in chip manufacturing. The laser carves patterns onto silicon, which finally become circuits on microchips.

In addition, excimer lasers are used to manufacture high-resolution smartphone displays, tablets or VR headsets.  

Excimer lasers are not limited to electronics applications, however. They are also deployed in the medical industry.  For example, they are used in medical treatments like operations on corneas to correct eyesight and in the treatment of skin diseases (e.g. vitiligo).

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Our Offering

In addition to pure neon, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of neon gas mixtures for excimer lasers. Available in a variety of purities and concentrations, the compressed products are filled into cylinders which are available in all standard sizes and with standard connections. Our long-term expertise in producing laser gases translates into consistent gas mixture quality and stable laser performance. We also combine neon with other noble gases, halogen gases as well as flammable and toxic compounds - in the precise grades and volumes you need for your individual application.

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