On-Site Purification of Ammonia for Electronics

On-site Plants for Applications Requiring Ultra-high-purity Ammonia
Optimize logistics in electronics fabrication by sourcing crude ammonia locally and purifying it on site with one of our NH3 purification plants
Meeting Rising Market Demand

Consumption of ultra-high-purity (UHP) ammonia (NH3) has significantly increased in recent years, mainly led by the bright LED industry. At purity levels of up to 7.0 (99.99999%), this product is typically delivered in packages such as:

  • Tonners, Y-ton cylinders or drums weighing a ton and typically containing 500 kg of ammonia
  • T50 ISO tanks, which typically contain 10-12 tons of ammonia

We have developed specially heated ISO tanks capable of supplying stable flows of ammonia at up to 3,000 standard liters per minute (slpm). However, these delivery options may not be the ideal solution for you if you require higher flow rates or are located at a significant distance from one of our or our partner production facilities. In cases such as these, the best solution could be an on-site purification system that uses locally sourced agricultural-grade ammonia as the crude material.

We tailor these systems to your purity requirements and/or the available crude ammonia. Some low-grade ammonia may contain impurities that must be removed by means of special processes, for instance. Example process technologies we deploy include multiple adsorption systems, distillation columns or a combination of both.

Innovative features and benefits of our purification solutions include:
  • Ultra-high-purity (UHP) capability for 7.0-grade purity levels (99.99999%)
  • Cost-effective logistics, which rely on local crude ammonia and on-site purification
  • Customized solutions sized to reflect your individual purity and flow capacity needs
  • Online analysis of key impurities
Graphic depicting three supply modes for high-purity ammonia (NH3) for electronics : tonner, ISO tank and on-site plant, also showing standard liters per minute (slpm)

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