AI @ Linde: The Industrial Evolution

How Linde is using artificial intelligence to add even more value to its value chain.

When people talk about artificial intelligence (AI), they often talk about it as a “disruptive” technology, or how an AI revolution is about to occur in the industry. At Linde however, AI is seen as an opportunity for evolution – a means to augment our existing processes and become even more efficient. 

Our value chain – or supply chain – captures the operational side of the business, where gas processing plants, distribution centres, customer sites are all connected by our logistic network that transports our core product: gas. Artificial intelligence solutions offer the potential to operate those plants more efficiently, drive those trucks more economically and ultimately, provide a better service to our customers. This infographic shows just some of the current AI use cases. For more on how Linde thinks about artificial intelligence, download our recent Handelsblatt AI feature below. 

Linde Value Chain infographic