Hydrogen mobility: A new buzz at the depot

Linde technology is crucial in getting hydrogen-powered buses and refuelling stations on the ground, as a recent example in Cologne shows.

It was a tall order: In early 2018, the city’s public transport operator Regionalverkehr Köln (RVK) commissioned 30 hydrogen powered buses. “We wanted to switch to zero emission vehicles with as little disruption to our operational schedule as possible", explains Jens Conrad, Head of the RVK’s Alternative Drives department. “That meant finding something close to diesel buses in terms of refuelling times, range and flexibility."

Linde welcomes the move and partners with RVK in building a hydrogen refuelling station in the greater Cologne area. A back-to-base project such as this one is an ideal starter to overcome the catch-22 of hydrogen mobility: few refuelling stations make hydrogen-powered vehicles unattractive which in turn reduces the demand for a better infrastructure. 

To find out why public buses are the perfect guinea pigs and what all this has to do with a fictional bombardier in the second world war, read the full story on Linde’s WhyHydrogen website. 

Hydrogen-powered buses will shuttle passengers in the greater Cologne area from 2019 on.