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Cutting torch
We offer a range of torches in heavy-duty (industrial) and medium-duty (professional) variants to match your specific job requirements.

All of our torches feature silver-brazed joints for added overall strength and rigidity, ensuring safe performance under harsh conditions.

In addition, we individually test all of our cutting attachments and handles to guarantee quality and performance. Underscoring our commitment to quality and durability, all of our standard combination torches come with a seven-year warranty.

Torch Highlights
• In-head gas mixing to help contain flashback fires
• Triple O-ring seal for positive gas seating
• Forged extra-large head for unmatched durability and reduced warping
• Three-tube construction to separate gases and enhance safety
• Built-in safety valve to reduce risk of flashback
• Ease-on oxygen cutting feature for reduced keyholing when cutting and slag blow-back when piercing.


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