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Mixture of tropical fruit for the VAPORMATE campaign
VAPORMATE® is an eco-friendly, safe, non-residual fumigant. You can use it to protect your post-harvest produce, packaged and stored foods and processing equipment.

It is already approved for a long – and growing – list of fruits, vegetables and grains.

The active ingredient of VAPORMATE is ethyl formate – an agent that simply degrades to naturally occurring substances.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Environmentally friendly solution

  • Fast-acting for greater productivity

  • Easy to dose and apply

  • Effective with a wide range of insects, fruit, vegetables and grains

  • Extensive consulting, installation, safety training and support services.

To find out more about VAPORMATE, visit the Linde crop science website.

Please Note:
Each fumigant is subject to local regulatory approval. Please contact the global crop science team for details and availability of product for trials or commercial use.

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An ariel view of the natural world protected through the Linde crop science innovation